Navigating Christmas Eating Pitfalls This Year!

The energy of the holiday season brings joy, cherished gatherings with family and friends, and unfortunately, the lure of the heavy-ladened Christmas table. At Active Health Co. we understand that for health-conscious families, maintaining a balanced diet amidst the tempting treats can pose a real challenge.

The path towards making better food choices is not just a route to preventing holiday weight gain, but a stepping stone to enhanced overall well-being. Interestingly, chiropractic care, a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, plays a significant role in navigating the dietary maze during the festive season.


Understanding the Dangers of Inflammatory Holiday Foods

Inflammatory foods are those that trigger an immune system response, often leading to discomfort, bloating, and other health issues. Common culprits on the holiday table include sugary treats, processed meats, and fried foods.

Overindulging in these inflammatory delights can not only tip the scales but also contribute to digestive woes and a feeling of sluggishness.

Strategies to Make Better Choices

Approach the holiday spread with a game plan. Mindful eating and portion control are your allies against overindulgence. Swap traditional calorie-dense dishes with healthier yet tasty alternatives. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your holiday meals not only adds colour to the table but also a nutritional boost

The Role of Chiropractic Care in Supporting Healthy Eating Habits

Chiropractic care, often perceived merely as a back pain alleviator, shines in its capacity to promote overall wellness. Having a happy and better functioning spine means you’ll be able to participate in the backyard cricket or at the very least walk off the turkey stuffing and pavlova!

Maintaining Weight Loss During the Holiday Season

Staying active amidst the Christmas hustle is crucial. Engage in fun family activities that promote movement and laughter. Setting realistic wellness goals and shunning perfectionism will serve you well. The blend of regular care and a balanced diet can significantly aid in weight management, making the holiday season enjoyable and healthful.


The essence of the holiday season is joy, and making conscious dietary choices contributes to a joyful, healthier you. Prioritising well-being over momentary culinary temptations, and integrating chiropractic care into your wellness routine, paves the way for a fulfilling and healthy holiday season. Dr Brad and the Active Health Co. team wishes you a festive season that’s as wholesome as it is joyful!


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