Natural Ways to Help Your Holiday Brain Fog

With the busyness of Christmas and the New Year, many of us are met with the challenges of being overwhelmed and stressed mentally. Instead of looking for over-the-counter solutions and chemicals in a bottle. It’s wise to look at more conservative and organic strategies for preserving our mental clarity during the celebrations. Let’s look at a few methods for reducing post-holiday mental fog.


Mind Your Diet

Maintaining mental well-being and lowering brain fog requires a nutritious diet. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, salmon, and flaxseed oil, are especially good for regulating mood and reducing inflammation. Vitamins are also essential for good brain function, particularly B6 and D. Processed meats and refined carbs should be avoided since they can raise blood sugar levels and cause mood swings.


Regular Exercise and Outdoor Activities

Exercise is also an important factor when it comes to mental clarity as well as physical wellness. Exercise improves blood flow throughout the body, especially to the brain, which improves oxygenation and mental performance. Exercise outside in the fresh air and somewhere green and leafy if you can, as this can improve cognition in various ways.


Stay Socially Connected

Mental well-being depends on social engagement. For example, the seclusion felt during lockdowns significantly affected cognitive abilities. Call a friend, a neighbour, join a local social group, all these strategies keep you connected and engaged outside of your own four walls. Particularly for older persons, social interaction can assist maintain mental acuity and lower the risk of cognitive decline.


Boost Your Nutrition

Supplement your brain! B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids are two supplements that can help fight brain fog. They enhance concentration, mental acuity, recollection retention, and emotional control. Having adequate Vitamin B12 is important since insufficient amounts might cause cognitive problems. B12 plays a critical role in the healthy formation of red blood cells and supports nervous system function. Foods high in B12 include salmon and poultry, but if you need more, you might also think about taking supplements.


Mindfulness and Mental Breaks

Regular mental breaks and mindfulness exercises, like meditation, can aid with stress management and attention improvement. Make a time each day to go outside for a walk, or jump on Youtube and find an easy yoga routine to do. It’s important to give the brain time to relax and heal, it’s critical to take breaks from continuous stimulus.


Challenge Your Brain

Learning new things and taking on challenges are great ways to keep your brain healthy. Learning a musical instrument, a new language, or any other skill is one way that these activities can help prevent cognitive decline. Here are some great ways:


Consider Your Media Consumption

Reducing your exposure to stressful media and deliberately ingesting news can help you stay mentally clear. Lowering stress and increasing focus can be achieved by cutting back on social media use and avoiding bad news that is shared frequently.


Stay Hydrated and Get Sunlight

Two easy yet powerful strategies to fight brain fog are staying properly hydrated and getting enough sun exposure. They lessen stress and elevate mood in addition to aiding in the removal of toxins.


Address Underlying Health Issues

Thyroid problems or vitamin shortages are two examples of underlying health conditions that might occasionally manifest as brain fog. It’s crucial to see a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis and course of therapy. And let’s not forget the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system. Getting your spine checked and maintained by Dr. Brad and his team at Active Health Co. is an important piece to this brain fog puzzle.


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