Chiropractic and Shoulder Pain: A Look at Active Health Co.’s Solutions for Shoulders

Shoulder pain can greatly impact your everyday activities, making it difficult to do basic tasks like driving, reaching above, or even getting a good night’s sleep. We at Active Health Co. are aware of the difficulties you are facing due to shoulder pain, and we are here to help with practical chiropractic treatments.

Understanding Shoulder Pain

Since the shoulder is one of the body’s most mobile joints, it can sustain a variety of ailments and injuries. Arthritis, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, and unintentional traumas are among the common causes of shoulder pain. Repetitive action or normal wear and tear can also cause pain.

Therapy for shoulder pain

The Function of Chiropractic Care and Shoulder Pain

One safe and non-invasive way to treat shoulder pain is with chiropractic care. Here’s how Active Health Co.’s chiropractors can assist:

Extensive Assessment: To determine the precise reason for shoulder discomfort, each patient has an extensive evaluation that includes a review of their medical history and physical examinations.

Customised Treatment Plans: After doing an evaluation, we create a personalised treatment plan that targets key areas that affect shoulder health. This may involve spinal adjustments, mobilisation, and muscular therapy.

Chiropractic Adjustments: Chiropractic adjustments of the shoulder’s joints and spine can lessen pain, increase range of motion, and improve joint synchronisation.

Muscle therapy: Methods like myofascial release and massage can alleviate tense muscles and trigger points that cause soreness in the shoulders.

Rehabilitative Exercises: In order to ensure long-lasting comfort and avoid further problems, we also offer exercises to strengthen and stabilise the muscles surrounding the shoulder.

Advantages of Using Chiropractic Care

Patients with shoulder pain can benefit from chiropractic care in a number of ways, including:

Pain Relief: Without the need for medication or surgery, a large number of patients report significant pain relief.
Enhanced Mobility: Rehabilitation aids in regaining flexibility and range of motion.

Better Function: Patients frequently resume their regular activities more easily after experiencing less pain and having more strength.

Don’t allow shoulder pain to prevent you from fully experiencing life. Make an appointment for a consultation with Active Health Co. right now to see if chiropractic care is appropriate for you.

We can work together to help you live a pain-free lifestyle and naturally regain your health.