4 Ways Seniors Can Improve Balance and Reduce Falls

Our balance can suffer with ageing. A fall at any age is unpleasant and can cause harm and injury. Falls in older people can come with more dire health consequences. Seniors can, however, easily maintain and enhance their balance at home in a number of ways. The following list of tactics is most successful:

Regular Activity and Movement

Significant gains in strength and balance can be improved by regular physical activity. Good balance requires coordination and flexibility, two of which can be enhanced by low-impact activities like walking, swimming, tai chi, or yoga. Maybe even kill two birds with one stone and play a game of golf.

Create Safe Areas

For seniors who are more prone to balance issues, it doesn’t mean they can’t exercise. It’s critical to just make sure to have a secure area where to work on balance exercises. Ensure that nothing in the vicinity could lead to falls or mishaps. When appropriate, you can also employ furniture with non-slip surfaces and handrails. And remember to take breaks to have a rest and refreshment.

Maintain Good Posture

Your posture is the window to your spine! Keeping yourself balanced and steady can be achieved by improving your posture and being mindful to stay active. With feet flat on the floor, shoulders back, and weight equally split between both sides of the body, stand up straight. 

Use Balance Aids 

There are specially designed devices available to assist if you struggle to keep your equilibrium. These consist of slant boards, stability shoes and weighted vests. For your particular needs, Josh our physiotherapist can suggest the ideal balance aid for you. 

These four tips are the starting point to could help you age injury-free and balanced. The hard truth is, falls are inevitable at all ages, so it’s important to improve our balance, brain and nervous system control to reduce the likelihood of falls. Safety considerations call for making any required adjustments to a schedule of exercises that focus on your strength and balance. Practice sufficiently, and you can keep your balance and be well for many years to come.

Chiropractic Care and Balance

Seniors may also be able to keep active and reduce the chances of a fall with regular chiropractic check-ups. Improving better posture, flexibility, and coordinationcan help with balance. Make an appointment to one of Active Health Co. Team today!